Love, Ally
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The purpose: Love, Ally was founded with the purpose of providing a source of creativity and indulgence to others. The iconic and highly sought-after jewellery is a reflection of one’s stylish self and allows for the appreciation and exclusivity of modern art. Love, Ally’s pieces are carefully crafted with the intention of making a bold statement, encouraging originality and avant-garde style into the lives of others. Every individually-crafted pair of earrings is created over a 12 hour meticulous process to ensure only the finest quality. At its core, Love, Ally is a unique fusion of art and wearable fashion. The delicate, handmade earrings characterise innovation, imagination and self-assurance. Wearers of the finely curated jewellery are both elegant and courageous. They have poise. They are fearless.    

My story: Growing up in a family of incredibly strong women, my creativity and passion was directed into my art-making from a young age. An idea came to mind – creating a blend of clay and yarn that would produce a sturdy, wearable artefact. After months of learning, training and nurturing my idea I ignited my artistic flair and created an innovative, handmade product. From these humble beginnings. Love, Ally’s earrings were born. Today, I find fulfilment in the creation of leading-edge, sophisticated jewellery for the contemporary woman.